Monday, 19 January 2015

Crazy weather

A few days back when I did the morning school run, the temperature hit a new low and it got the coldest I had experienced it here - only 14 degrees!!

Well today, it got even worse! Not cold, but look at these strange things on my windscreen...:

Yeah... no need for sunglasses this morning! It was raining, but not just drippy-droppy, it was POURING down!
I went to the gym and as we train outside, we got soaked - and cold. It's not like in Brunei here, where it rains, but it's still warm. It doesn't really matter, you get wet yes, but never cold. Here it's a different story, I didn't warm up all morning!
It continued to rain all day, and there was even hail in some places around here, which is very unusual. Normally I wouldn't have mind the rain at all. Quite the opposite, I really enjoy it! But... it messed up Lucas' birthday party a bit. The Kartzone where we were going was closed due to the weather, of course. We had to just do it at home instead. Just our luck hitting one out of about three days of the year that it rains...

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