Monday, 2 February 2015

Education, exercise and environment

Lucas' class had a field trip today, and I was asked to come along as a parent helper. I was super keen, as it's always nice to get to know his friends, and all the kids in his class a bit better. Plus, they were going to the Mangroves - to go kayaking!

I can't even remember when I last did kayaking actually... must have been when I was in school myself, so I was beyond excited!
Obviously, due to the "wet" conditions, I didn't bring a camera in the kayak. I only snapped these few photos from Yas Beach where we suited up and paddled out from.

We went with an adventure company called Noukhada. They took us on one of their eco-tours, through the Mangroves. It was super interesting. We got to stop in several places, and the team told us all about this eco-system, why the Mangroves are so important, the animals that live there etc etc. I sure learned a lot of new things!
We paddled in double kayaks and I was paired up with one of the Grade 5 girls. We had a great little chat paddling across the channel, and she was a strong paddler too! All the kids were behaving so well, and had interesting questions to the guides. It was a pleasure to share this experience with them, such a great morning!

Actually it was so much fun I want to do it again! I hope we'll get some guests at some point, that are keen on combining some exercise with some environmental education. What a fab excursion to take them on!

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  1. We're in! I keep looking for conferences in the area so I can do a work trip and bring the gang :-)