Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Our first Abu Dhabi birthday morning

So Lucas and I are celebrating our first Abu Dhabi birthday today! And we were lucky to get to celebrate with Mormor and Morfar here!
As per usual, it started early in the morning, with gifts in bed... first one:

Lots of nice gifts: Disney Infinity 2.0 figurines for his Xbox, a ripstick, magic tricks, a drone, a Kubb game (=Viking Chess), an atlas, a lava lamp, goggles for Nerf wars and Nerf bullets.

... then the other:

My gifts were a bit more streamlined, ha ha! (Although I did get some Swedish goodies, a perfume and a glass bowl from Kosta Boda as well!)

We had breakfast together at the party table:

Kids got ready super fast though as they were promised they could give some of the new Infinity 2.0 figurines a whirl before leaving for school! A good start to a good day!

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