Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Our birthday

While Lucas went to school, my birthday morning continued at the Fairmont with a buffet breakfast. It wasn't really a gathering for me, it was actually a board meeting for Swedish School - but as these girls are all very good friends, it felt like a birthday breakfast! :)

Lucas had taken two big boxes of donuts to share at school, and he was told by one of his friends that was here yesterday that it had been the best birthday party he had been to! :) There you go, sometimes the easiest is the best! Lucas too was very happy with his day, both today and yesterday. Last night before bed he was telling us:
-"I've had a really nice day, and I have got such nice presents, and... I have really good friends!" Naawww.

School was out early today, as it's Tuesday, so we went for a nice lunch at one of our favourite places just across the road, 'Nolus', the Afghan-Californian place, where we also celebrated Nathan's birthday. We were planning to sit outside, but it's been really windy and cold today (and rainy again!), so that was a no go.

We had a very special guest today too! :)
Thank you Fredrik for coming along and making our day extra special!

In the afternoon we got some cake, and went home to blow out some candles! You need to blow out candles ON your birthday too of course. Happy Birthday to us!

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  1. OH my! I have completely forgot your birthday!!! Although a little late, I wish you rainbows and fireworks my friend! I hope you had a fantastic day - and so special with your mum and dad there. And happy birthday to you lil' man too. Lots of love x