Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Whites at the Waterworld

The White holiday is coming to an end, but before it's time to go Auntie Nikki really wanted to go back to the gold man in Dubai and get a few more things. Nathan took her up there this morning, and I - took the kids to Yas Waterworld. YES, a whole day of outdoor fun!

I plonked myself by the wave pool with a new book, and set the kids loose. I didn't manage to snap any photos as I didn't see them much - they were busy swimming, playing, riding slides, going on the roller coaster etc.
I only got this one, when it was time for lunch break:

We spent the whole day there, only left at closing time. The kids had a blast, I got to finish my book and I finally got a bit of a tan, yay.

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