Saturday, 10 January 2015

In our hood

Our compound wasn't completely finished when we moved in, we were promised all sorts of amenities would be built. We were hoping for a very long time - but to no big surprise, there will be no gym, no park, no pool etc.
It doesn't really matter much as we still really like our house, which is the main thing of course. Although, during these winter months and when we have guests, especially guests who stay for a longer time; it would've been nice to have a pool in the compound. We miss to have somewhere where the kids, and guests, could chill and relax.

One good thing with our compound is that there are a lot of kids similar ages to ours living here, and most afternoons during these winter holidays they've all been outside playing with each other. Since the compound is small, cars don't drive fast around it, so it's safe being outside. Plus from our kitchen window we have a perfect view down the street to keep an eye on them!

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