Monday, 19 January 2015

It's birthday week!

So, it's birthday week in our house, yay! Today we were going to brave something new - go-karting!
Lucas really wanted to do paintball for his birthday, but as you needed to be 10 years at least to participate, and not all his friends are as old as him, we had to rethink and come up with another activity. There are a lot of different things to choose from here, and we ended up going for go-karting.

We were going to take Lucas and his friends to the Kartzone at Yas Marina. We haven't tried it there yet, but the go-kart circuit is quite big so it would've been great fun I think.

But helas, ever since this morning it's been raining and SNOWING here in the UAE..! So, the Kartzone is closed. Boo. We quickly had to come up with plan B, and rather than go somewhere else in a panic, Lucas wants to just stay at home and play Xbox with his friends. Boys will be boys. There will be snacks, pizza and donuts as well, I'm sure they'll be fine.
Stay tuned for photos!

1 comment:

  1. Trist att regnet skulle komma just idag!
    Hoppas att kvällen blev lyckad i alla fall.
    Själv skulle jag åka med dotterns klass på fieldtrip till Sharjah Arceological Museum, men det blev också inställt pga regnet.