Thursday, 8 January 2015

A really good idea

Linnea while on her iPad on Monday afternoon, said:
-"It's Daniel's birthday tomorrow! Should we go see him?"
Nathan and I looked at each other and thought, yeah why not actually? We're still on school holiday, and we hadn't seen the Dehlis since September!

So we packed up and went up to Dubai. They started school there this week, so Daniel sure got a surprise when he got home from school in the afternoon and we were there, ready to party!
Anne's Mum had come from Denmark too. She had been busy baking all morning, both a fancily decorated chocolate cake and the traditional Danish 'lagkage', mmm!

It's really nice that we are now so close again, that we can share each others celebrations. Our first birthday together was when Daniel turned 2, so we really have been a part of each others lives for quite a while.

The party continued into the night, so we quickly decided to stay over! Happy Birthday Daniel!

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