Thursday, 1 January 2015

On New Years Eve

To shorten the long day that is New Years Eve, in anticipation for 12 o'clock and the new year, we decided to go to Yas Mall and go to the movies. But first, the kids wanted to take Liam and Caitlin to Rogo's, the roller coaster restaurant.

I like how the juices come served in jars!

The food at Rogo's sure isn't anything more than barely average, but the experience of seeing the food coming swisching down to your table super fast on their little special vessels, through the loops and hoops in the ceiling, is what you are paying for, really.

After lunch it was time for the movies. Nathan and the Whites treated themselves to a Vox Gold experience, to see the 2 1/2 hr movie "The Hobbit ... ":

 (Meanwhile our kids and I went to see "Penguins of Madagascar", in the normal theatre!)
After a relaxing and fun day at the mall, it was time to go home and prepare our New Years dinner!

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