Thursday, 15 January 2015


I'm currently trying to implement a few changes in my daily routine, and diet.
Ever since we moved here I have had a hundred and one excuses, but it's ending now. After a particularly indulging winter holiday, I felt I needed to start with something drastic, so I have for the first time in my life, been doing a juice detox.

For the last three days, I have only had a green juice (freshly pressed, with broccoli, ginger, lemon, spinach and cucumber) for breakfast, snacked on raw broccoli during the day, had a black coffee or two throughout the day; and a palm sized piece of oven baked white fish in the evenings. I was supposed to do these green vegetable based protein shakes as well, but they tasted so incredibly yuk that there was no way. I've had an egg white a day instead.

The result? - 2 kg.
A good start. Now for a paleo based diet for the next few weeks, to see if I can get rid of my sugar addiction, and establish some healthier eating habits. Lately it's been way too much of too much, to say the least.
Sunday Pia and I are starting an exercise challenge, and curiously enough I'm really looking forward to it. Not sure I'll be just as cocky come Sunday afternoon when the DOMS set in..!

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  1. Oh god, pass on some of your inspiration will ya...I need to do the same me thinks!