Monday, 19 January 2015

Lucas' first Abu Dhabi Birthday Bash

So, what was supposed to be a go-kart birthday, turned into a birthday bash at the house. It was actually alright, as they were only six boys, and they were all so very well behaved. It was a true pleasure having them here, and I enjoyed chatting and getting to know them all a bit better.
(I even managed to palm off Linnea to a friend last minute, so she wouldn't be the pestering little sister hanging around...)

Instead of karting, they played some Xbox:

And went outside to play Nerf..!

After some play there was pizza:

And after pizza there was "donut-cake" - and Happy Birthday singing!

The boys then suggested themselves they should watch a bit of a movie after all that playing, which was fine by us. So they started "Big Hero 6", whilst finishing off the donuts:

Then moved to the sofa and entered total chill-mode! What an easy peasy birthday party!

And look - we had a very special guest!! Thank you Søren for making the effort and coming down from Dubai for the day! Very appreciated!

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