Thursday, 7 October 2021

Six weeks done

This has been another very happening week!
Exam week for me, so I have been head down in the books, studying 16th century dress codes and interiors. Funnily enough I have still had time for lots of other activities: a visit to the Expo2020 on Sunday, Korean lunch on Tuesday and padel that same evening. Yesterday I celebrated Linda and today I had lunch with Frida after having played padel this morning. In between all that I have managed to finish the exam though, so now it's onwards and upwards with the next syllabus which starts on Monday.

The kids have started their Extra Curricular Program at school this week. Lucas is participating in a course about Business Quantitative Techniques on Sunday afternoons and Linnea is playing netball, on Wednesday mornings at 06.15. Yes - before school... So extra early starts for us those days.

Menu this week was:
Lamb meatballs with ratatouille
Salmon with sweet potato, tzatsiki and salad
Tuna pasta for some/Left overs for others
South African curry with geelrys
Pizza for some/Left over for others

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