Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Not quite like in 'Ghost'...

Yesterday I participated in a SwedishLadiesUAE activity at the Manarat al Saadiyat, a pottery introduction. I was happy to get a spot as this activity has run already last term, was really popular, it got full almost immediately.

So we were 18 ladies getting a very short introduction to pottery making, and then we got let loose in the studio for a few hours, to play around and try and be creative.
We either got to choose a ball of clay or a slab of clay, and could try the pottery wheels, or create on free hand; use all the tools they had. There was no sighting of Patrick Swayze though, disappointingly!

I was busy socialising and talking (...) and even if I did try, I have to confess I was one of the ladies ending up with nothing to show in the end, I gave up. It was a bit like the Swedish folktale 'Mäster Skräddare': "Vad bidde det då då?" - "Det bidde ingenting!".

The others made lovely things, my favourite creation of the day was this lady Kia's fabulous Santas! So cute! I am excited to see how they come out after they have being burned.

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