Sunday, 3 October 2021


What is that?! Is that optimism I feel..? Maybe, just a little bit, but very carefully. What a strange feeling!
The weather is still too hot for my taste (and hotter than usual this time of year, I would say), but at least - it's October, it's coming! Sucky September is now behind us and every day we get one day closer to the best time to be here in the UAE - wintertime!

The weekend was really, really lovely, because Nathan was off it felt like a real weekend! Kids hung out with their friends on Thursday night, and Nathan and I went to the movies. First time since pre-Covid, and it was absolutely fab! Sure, watching movies in the comfort of your home is nice, but that's all we have been doing for the past 1,5 years, and I didn't realise how much I'd missed the big screen! The latest James Bond-movie wasn't too bad either, so it was a success.

On Friday we hung out with good friends and had a great night with drinks by the pool, a delicious dinner, competitive ping pong playing and all around socialising and good fun. Just what we all needed, more of that please!

Saturday was down-time day, also well needed as the weeks get more and more intense for each week, for all. This Sunday started with a bang with kids back at school, Nathan at work and me off to Dubai for a whole day at the Expo2020 before I have exam week with one of my UNI-courses ahead of me. Bring it!

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