Friday, 8 October 2021

Dragon & Phoenix

For every new temporary exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi I say: "This is my favourite exhibition!", this time no exception..! The new exhibition which premiered this week, is really, really beautiful!
We are so lucky to get to welcome all these special exhibitions here.

This new exhibition is about the long history of cultural interactions and exchanges between the Chinese and Islamic worlds.

Amongst other things, it talks about the shared imperial bestiary of dragons and phoenixes; and the shared iconography of lotuses, cranes and deer. It also talks about the passion for Chinese ceramics in the Islamic East versus the influence of medieval Islamic metal ware on the Chinese ceramics.

The massive installation of flying paper birds in the middle of the room is so impressive! Love it!

In total there are 250 artworks, and the exhibition beautifully tells the story about how 'the Dragon' (China) and 'the Phoenix' (the Islamic world) exchanged ideas, goods and technology from the 8th to 18th century, with a new universal perspective.

This exhibition is at the museum until the 12 February next year, so you have ample time to come and see it. Don't miss it!

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