Friday, 1 October 2021

1st October 2021 Covid status

This past month there have certainly been some BIG changes in the restrictions here in the UAE! Hourray!
It started already in early September when on the 5th all requirements of quarantine for vaccinated passengers got removed. Later in the month, the use of tracker wristbands was suspended too. The age restriction of 70 has also now (well, finally!) been removed from the shopping malls, so all age groups are now welcome again.
But the biggest news of all came when it was announced that the border between Abu Dhabi and Dubai would be no more, from the 19th of September. No more need for testing to enter the Abu Dhabi emirate, extremely good news for commuters and others who travel regularly between the emirates. And, right in time for the Expo2020, which starts today...

In Denmark and Sweden ALL restrictions were removed recently. Unfortunately there are no advantages for vaccinated people - or rather, no disadvantages for unvaccinated people. But I guess those people will get a bit of a reality check if they travel, as many other places, both in Europe and further away now demand Covid-passes to enter places. There are even airlines that have said that they will only transport vaccinated passengers. Good on them!

On another positive note, the 2nd of September was the first day since middle of November 2020 that the UAE had no registered Covid deaths. The amount of new cases have steadily declined all month, and the R-number was as low as 0,08 for several days in a row. All very good news!

Here are the numbers for the UAE from today:
* 276 new cases, from 293,853 tests
* 3 people passed away which brings the total UAE death toll to 2,100. Globally it's now close to 4,8M.
* 69,082 doses of vaccine got administered today which means that over 84% of the UAE population is now fully vaccinated with over 20,1M doses administered in total.

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