Sunday, 24 October 2021


We had a relaxing week off indeed, just like we wanted. At least three of us, Nathan has been working every day... As per usual, when the kids are off... *sigh*.

The first Friday and Saturday we were just at home. Last Sunday Linnea hung out with a friend and Lucas went to Ferrari World with his friend Valle, while Petra, Lovis and I browsed Yas Mall. Monday saw us visit the Expo2020 and on Tuesday Linnea spent the whole day with her friend Kashmira, and Lucas went out with his friend Yazan for dinner.
Wednesday Linnea had her birthday celebrations, with an ice rink session, pizza and donuts; and on her actual birthday on Thursday we celebrated her in the morning and in the evening.

Friday and Saturday we went up to Dubai, again, to see our friends the Dehlis. It had been too long, almost two years (!) since last time, so it was way overdue! Malthe was here on holiday from his boarding in Denmark, so it was a great reunion for all. Apart for Nathan, Freddie was working, so he hung out with Louie!

How they all have grown! It's crazy! ALL the kids are now taller than me - even Ida at 12 years old!
So happy to still have them here in the same country - especially now when it is easier to catch up and go see each other again!

Food has been very relaxed too this week, we have mostly been eating out, had take-away and left-overs. But I did cook two meals: Pulled pork and Pasta Putanesca.

Now we are ready to get on with the next seven weeks which will take us into the Christmas Holidays! Bring it!

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