Friday, 20 November 2020

Off the beaten track

Yesterday Linda and I decided to go discover a new place for us, one which has been rather hyped lately on FB and in social media, called Elysium. It is situated a bit out of the city, or rather outside our normal areas where we move about, in Shakhbout City. Only was a 15 minute drive though, and yes, we understand the hype.

It is located in a villa that has been blown out and refurbished, and has a big garden full of flowers. I can really see why it's so popular, especially now in the winter months when you can sit outside and enjoy all this green. Would be a great place to bring small kids to, as they could be let loose in the huge garden.

Inside was cosy and beautifully decorated too. The food was nice, but we mostly came because of one of the extra things offered here, the 'latte art'. This is where you can get a photo of your choice on your coffee! We had to try, of course! Pretty cool!

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