Thursday, 4 June 2020

Corona Diary, Day 83-87. Eleventh week of home school

Day 83, Sunday 31 May. Swedish Mother's Day
I was surprised with breakfast in bed this morning, presented very proudly by my two gorgeous teenagers who had cooked and prepared it all by themselves.

I think Lucas was actually even the most surprised, he kept saying "we did it all by ourselves", ha ha! I also got two lovely gifts - a new strap for my Apple watch, and a painting Linnea had made. (It's my Mii from when we play the Wii Sports. I always loose, so she made this one win..!)

Lucky me!

Nathan and Linnea also joined efforts and cooked dinner (Pastitsio), and Linnea baked an amazing chocolate cake for dessert. Lucas took care of the dishes so yes, I got a whole day of not lifting a finger for a change!

Day 84, Monday 1 June
June. It is June. June... What happened? It's been a quarter of a year of this. Three whole months.
My most hated comment from friends in other places (mostly Sweden, because of the very different approaches to this) is "Oh wow, if we had to live like you do, I would go crazy!" Well, this might be surprising, but - PEOPLE DO GO CRAZY!!! But, what choice do we have but to deal with it, and so would you. Even while going crazy about it all every now and then, in different ways.

I actually ended up having a bit of a blowout today. I felt so numb and I needed to feel something. So tonight instead of watching TV I shut myself in the kitchen, turned the volume of the speakers up to max, played some great music and danced my heart out while drinking almost a bottle of wine. Like a party-for-one, complete with awesome moves, big feelings all over, crazy laughing, tears and all..!

Day 85, Tuesday 2 June
Because of last night I was expecting a bit of a slow start today, but actually felt rather fresh - both physically and in my mind. Squeezed in a quick few kilometers on the treadmill before meeting a friend for lunch at a café.
We were supposed to clean the house today, but as Nathan worked the whole day, on Teams- and Zoom-meetings we postponed the cleaning until tomorrow. Wouldn't want him to miss out!
Instead I joined an afternoon Zoom Zumba class with a local instructor, which worked really well and was quite fun.

We are now shut off here in Abu Dhabi, from today and one week forward. You are not allowed to move between other emirates and Abu Dhabi, or even between the cities within the Abu Dhabi emirate. It doesn't affect us personally as such, but makes you wonder why though. Because at the same time, Dubai is opening up more and more and at a great speed all of a sudden - gyms, cinemas, restaurants, public beaches, attractions and much more. Their malls and the public sector is back to 100%, all with restrictions and rules of social distancing in place of course, but still. Why so different?
Here I'm just waiting for two things: for museums to open so I can go and feed my soul at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and for changing rooms to open..! I'm in urgent need of new sports tops and bras, and can't chance with the sizing there.

Day 86, Wednesday 3 June
Yeah, I miss my normal cleaning ladies, the current cleaning crew is not as thorough and spends an awful lot of time picking on each other... ha ha. Well, now the house is clean again, for a day or so, and that was the highlight of today.

Day 87, Thursday 4 June
Met Linda for breakfast today, at a café (I hope house visits in small groups will be allowed soon, otherwise it will get expensive to see my friends...). Just as I realised I had forgot to bring my own cutlery, the waiter laid out normal cutlery - and served the coffee in normal mugs! Oh, made us so happy! It's the small things! Although you do wonder why this café can use normal cutlery, and the café next door says they can't. No logic, as with so many things at the moment.

In the afternoon Nathan and I went to do the groceries. He hadn't been to the mall for ages, so it was his turn to come along! But to be honest, it was quite a sad outing today. As everyone is obliged to wear face masks, you can only see peoples eyes, and there is just no emotion in any of them. It felt like all the people walking about in the mall, including us, were just zombies - alive, but not living. I guess more people than just me are reaching some kind of breaking point, going a bit crazy, or having just about enough at the moment. Three months is a long time living isolated.

Sushi and shawarmas was a nice end to this week anyway! A win with going for groceries on a Thursday is being able to pick dinner up and not to have to cook!

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