Sunday, 31 May 2020

Corona Diary, Day 81-82

Day 81, Friday 29 May
Oh my... the no-sleep situation sure didn't get any better by our air-conditioning packing up in the middle of the night, aaargghhh... The maintenance team came and fixed it again this afternoon, so all good for tonight. Phew.

What else to tell for today? Can you guess!
Yes, morning coffee (about three of them..!), workout (a long one today), reading a book (half way through another Jojo Moyes), cooking dinner (beef stroganoff today), TV (some lousy movie) and bed. Did you get it right..?! Ha ha, not that hard, this blog is really dull at the moment, I could just keep copy-pasting the same day over and over again!

Day 82, Saturday 30 May
Today at least was a little bit different. I met a friend for coffee at the mall.
Yes, we can do that, it's allowed. It's still not allowed though going on a house visit to anyone else than family, but anyone can meet at a café or a restaurant... Ah well, I take what I can get, and considering the cafés in the mall all were full (at their 30% capacity), so does other people. Everybody seems to hunger more and more for real human interaction by now.

Later on this afternoon I cooked up a storm from a new Skinnymixers cookbook 'A little taste of Greece': lamb and chicken souvlaki, tsatsiki lemon-and-oregano potatoes and kolokithokeftedes (which ended up as mush rather than fritters, but tasted good anyway!). Yum!

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