Sunday, 28 June 2020

Corona Diary, Day 109-110

Day 109, Friday 26 June
Last weekend of this school year. Next time this week we are entering the loooooong weekend that is the summer holidays. The kids need a long break by now for sure, but, I'm not sure the kind they will have this year is the healthiest one... endless inside days... sigh...

Today was another Groundhog Day. Nothing special at all. Coffee, workout, lunch, chill, dinner. That's about it.
I went through my wardrobe trying to create a bit more space. Having exercised my way through these Corona-months I thought I'd try this skirt again, which was in my too-small-pile, and guess what?! It fits again!!

Last time I wore it was probably in early 2012!! (Yes I do keep my classic items, or clothes that I really, really like; even if they are too big or too small.) I do like shopping in my own wardrobe..!

Day 110, Saturday 27 June
I can't remember what I was dreaming in the night, but it was so nice I didn't want to wake up. You know that feeling when you know in the dream you are dreaming?
I guess with all normal planning, dreaming, looking ahead to things gone due to this black hole that is Covid-19 and all its effects, my subconscious still looks after me and gives me nice experiences. I guess I have to be thankful for that! The little things!

My training sessions are getting longer and longer these days. I have found a new app with free workouts that I really enjoy - FitOn - and I'm working my way through them. I'm focusing a bit more on strength and lifting heavier than I've done up until now. Still also getting the cardio and the kilometers in there, as it's the only movement I get, so I tend to spend a few hours every day in my Escape Room.

Today Linnea and I also went for groceries. In hindsight that was a silly idea as it's the weekend and people have just been paid. There was so many people! Also, this week regulations about children under 12  finally eased (they have been allowed nowhere since the beginning of lockdown), so the mall was full of families, at long last being able to have a bit of an outing with their little ones.
They have raised the capacity allowed inside the mall now and removed the bollards blocking every second car park, but we still had to circle a bit to find one!
Well, we got the groceries done, and a few other jobs, and got out of there.  Back home for an easy Saturday dinner - sushi and shawarmas!

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