Saturday, 20 June 2020

Corona Diary, Day 102-103. Midsummer weekend

Day 102, Friday 19 June. Happy Midsummer!
Today it is Midsommarafton in Sweden, very early this year.
We celebrated at home in our own company (well duh) with a bit of a Swedish brunch. I really wanted a smörgåstårta (=sandwich cake), so I tried a recipe I found of a smörgåstårta with Asian flavours that I thought would go down well.

I also cooked some meatballs and potatoes, but no huge buffet table. I'm really the only one who cares about the food anyway, so I laid the bar quite low.

Kids were a bit sceptical about the smörgåstårta (understandable, it is a strange thing I guess), but I loved it! Sometimes you really surprise yourself, I was so pleased! I think it was the first ever smörgåstårta I made all from scratch, and I was really happy with our Midsummer table!

In the evening Linnea and I whipped up a magnificent marängsviss (=a bit like an Eton Mess) for dessert. Home-made meringues, whipped cream, strawberries, ice cream, bananas and home-made, warm, chocolate sauce... mmm! Everyone but Nathan had THREE helpings! Oh. My. Goodness. SO good!

Thankful for at least one different, special and festive day in the endless row of Groundhog Days which are our life at the moment. Even if the effort was mostly just mine, I guess I do these things for myself mostly anyway.
I tried to match my Midsummer outfit to the trusty IKEA flower wreath I made our first year here in Abu Dhabi.

Day 103, Saturday 20 June
Today Linnea had (finally!) decided with her friend Daniella to meet up at the mall. Ever since they made the plans she has been really giddy and excited, and me too, for her sake. It knew it would do her a world of good hanging out with her friend, even if it has to be at the mall at the moment. They had had a good time, doing some shopping, getting some Starbucks, chatting away.
Lucas also went to the mall for a bit, to hang out with a friend of his. Apart from his appointments at the dentist and the hairdressers, this was the first time he was properly out of the house for weeks and weeks.

Another weekend bites the dust. Two more weeks left of school before we head into the infinity which is the summer holidays of 2020. Let's see what else this Jumanji year can throw at us then.

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