Friday, 26 June 2020

Corona Diary, Day 104-108. Fourtheenth week of home school

Day 104, Sunday 21 June
Second to last week of school. Another Sunday just rolling by.
Today I went to have coffee with Frida again, but at a different mall this time for something new, ha ha!

Nice with company, but still so tired of malls. But what to do when it's 40+ outside? I guess at least next week we will be able to meet at the Louvre Abu Dhabi! It was a nice coffee chat though and I did manage to get myself some much needed new sports tops, so all good.

Day 105, Monday 22 June
Get up. Get through the day. Go to bed. Repeat.
Today was an all afternoon kind of workout day, didn't shower and get dressed until well after 4 pm. Greek meatballs with feta cheese, pasta salad and home-made tsatsiki for dinner.
Nothing else to report.

Kind of looking forward to school ending which is when I have decided to wrap up this diary style writing. It just makes me sad every day to realise that I'm mostly spending my days just waiting, and I'm not even sure what I'm waiting for anymore.
"Så går en dag från vårt liv och kommer aldrig åter"...

Day 106, Tuesday 23 June

Today for something different, it was time for the hairdresser. Same procedures as last time, with temperature check, seats blocked off for distancing, masks on etc. A bit funny to try make conversation when "So, what have you been up to?" doesn't really bring back much, ha ha!
No big change, stayed bright and blond. Only decided to chop off the longer lengths of my hair, as they just turn wispy and thin. I think shoulder length really is my best length.

Before and during:

And after:

Day 107, Wednesday 24 June
Today I woke up and managed to be grateful, grateful that today was Wednesday which means yesterday was Tuesday. The whole house is clean and it's a whole week until next cleaning session. The small things people!

I had another coffee date with a friend today. It was probably the last one for a while though. Now I don't have anything in the calendar until my next hair appointment on the 19th of August. Go life...
Almost all the people I know here have already braved the exit trip out of the country, or are planning to go in the coming week. Yes, it is risky, as nobody knows yet what restrictions will be in place in August when they need to come back - or even IF you will be allowed back; but I guess people have just had enough. It's not just me.

We are on a roll with the kids cooking, last night Lucas cooked us Chicken Katsu Curry for dinner and tonight we were treated with Sloppy Joes by Linnea. 

Day 108, Thursday 25 June
A friend of mine said yesterday in a text: "I have stopped saying 'It's all good' when people are asking how's things" - well damn right. I think we've all exhausted the "bright sides" of this situation by now.

News came today that the National Sterilization Program has finished, which means no more nightly curfew, not that it has affected us in the slightest as we don't tend to roam around much during the nights, ha ha. The travel ban into Abu Dhabi from the other emirates is still in place though - and we still have no news on if, when and how Abu Dhabi is going to open up for further travel in and out of the country. Dubai on the other hand has new travel rules since Tuesday, and is opening for tourists from the 7th July. It is very strange and confusing with all these different restrictions, within the same country.

In brighter news to end the week, the kids school reports came out, and both did really well. They both even managed to raise a few grades this term, which is a great credit to them having done it all by themselves for the last fourteen weeks. One more week to go.

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