Friday, 15 May 2020

Corona Diary, Day 62-66. Eight week of home school

Day 62, Sunday 10 May
It was 10th of March we last socialised with anybody. Two whole months ago today. Two MONTHS! I'm so over all of this now. Can it please just go away, pretty please.

Today Linnea and I went for a quarantrip after school into the city to visit the new bookstore. Kinokuniya finally opened here in Abu Dhabi last Wednesday!

Yes, we have got our own branch now, wii-hoo! It's not as big as the one in Dubai, but it sure is easier to get to, so - AWESOME! First I was disappointed they chose to open it in one of the gallerias in the city, but in hindsight I guess it's actually a good thing that it's not in Yas Mall as I would be going there way to often, ha ha. It really is my happy place.

Day 63, Monday 11 May
The days are floating into each other, now more than ever. My life seems to have reduced to these VERY few routines which reminds me which day it is: Sundays we change the sheets, Mondays I put out the empty water bottles to get replaced, Tuesdays we clean the house and on Thursday nights we have a take-away to celebrate the weekend.
I do still get up every day and have my morning coffee. I do my workout, I shower, get dressed and all that every day. I don't just lay in my bed with a blanket over my head waiting for better times - but, my mental state currently is pretty much the same as if I was. Although I'm not sure what kind of better times I'm waiting for anymore. What kind of normal will we get? What kind of life do I want?

Nathan has been in the hotel for 11 days, but we are still only just halfway through his time there. Never has time apart from each other felt this long.

Day 64, Tuesday 12 May
We made a decision today to move our cleaning days to Thursdays. That way we can combine the after-cleaning treat with pizza night, not to also have to cook after having spent a few hours cleaning.  Not sure it's a good idea or not, maybe Thursday afternoons should be just for chill after a long school week? Ah well, we will see how it works out this week.

This afternoon I went for groceries all by myself. I always offer the kids to come, but today I had no takers, which I didn't mind actually. Although I realised coming home unpacking the bags that this isolation must be starting to get to me - I hardly bought any "real" food, mostly just treats, snacks, chips, ice cream and chocolate, ha ha!

I guess it is because we are properly stocked up already. Or is it..?! (Edit: I DID buy more groceries than what's in the photo, I only photographed the treats.)

Day 65, Wednesday 13 May
Another day in the life. This "trying to make the best of every day" is getting harder and harder.
Today I decided to flip my day and do my exercise in the afternoon instead of the morning. I even went outside for a walk, for something different. Just around the block of course, on all the small streets in my hoods, the same streets I used to run for my C25K-challenge two years ago. I rarely saw anyone else out then, but today there was quite a lot of people out and about, walking their dogs, running, getting some air. Everyone following the distancing rules carefully, crossing the streets to avoid even meeting on the same sidewalk, barely smiling to each other. What a strange world this has become.

I had set the kids the task of getting dinner ready while I was gone, so when I got back we enjoyed Swedish meatballs with the final episode of 'Friends' which has been the series of choice lately. Linnea and I have rewatched the whole thing, again.

Day 66, Thursday 14 May
This morning I sat downstairs at the dining table with the kids and finished this puzzle while they were at school.

Some really good results and grades have been coming through lately, so I guess at least when it comes to the quality of their work, home school is working for them.
I'm still worried a lot about the recent news that normal school most probably will not happen here next term either. There are so many other things they are missing out on by being isolated like this; and so many ways they are getting affected.

Cleaning day today, with pizza delivery when we were done. Another school week bites the dust.

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