Monday, 24 April 2017

Milkshake mania

Kids were off school this Sunday due to the Israa & Mi'raj muslim holiday. Great stuff as we could stay over in Dubai and get an extra day away, almost felt like a mini vacation!

We were going to meet up with some friends from Brunei who were in town, and when it was suggested that we'd go to the fairly new Black Tap restaurant I got super excited. For two reasons: It is situated in the Jumeirah area, which I'm not so familiar with and have been wanting to explore for forever AND - obviously me too I've seen those milkshake photos all over Instagram... and really wanted to try one for myself!!

Here's triple trouble, Tim, Nathan & Andrew:

About to get our shake on! Yeah, not cheap, but a one-off thing that had to be done!
The original Black Tap bar in New York is so famous that people apparently queue for hours just to get one of these milkshakes (and snap a photo for Instagram, of course!). Here there was six different shakes on the menu here, and I read somewhere that each one has up to 1600 calories... oh boy...

Work of art style milkshakes in preparation:

Just look at these monster milkshakes!! Oah!! The photos don't do these creations justice at all as it's hard to capture exactly HOW humongous they are...
Linnea chose the Sweet n' Salty and Lucas the Brooklyn Blackout. Needless to say there was enough for all of us around the table to get a taster!

I must say, this place had fantastic food and great ambiance! And craft beer! Just such a shame the music had to be so loud, even at lunch time. Sure, it created a cool bar/pub atmosphere, but made it really hard to have a conversation with anyone else than the person right beside you.

Kids and I took a stroll through the Souk Madinat as well. I can't believe I hadn't been there before. As touristy as it is, it is still really pretty and beautifully constructed with picture perfect views of the Arabian Gulf and the Burj Al Arab.

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