Friday, 5 October 2018

Brunching girls

Friday mostly means Friday Brunch when you have visitors. In this case, Linus was more keen on another theme park. So while he took Sixten, Linnea and Lucas with him to Yas Waterworld (and Nathan was at work), Emma and I went to the Fairmont and their Octoberfest-themed Friday Brunch.

It was a dry brunch for us as we had some chauffeuring to do later on in the afternoon, so no bubbly unfortunately, but the food was amazing as always.

Emma tried oysters for the first time... "Not impressed" was the verdict... ha ha.

I lost count how many plates of food we went through... 

Foie gras:

Seafood - and veal schnitzel! (Got lazy and didn't want to walk too much back and forth, so squeezed it all onto the same plate by this stage..!)

The dessert room was particularly loaded this time, with so many delicious looking desserts. We were so, so, so full by the time we reached it though that we didn't manage to try many of them. On my plate the lemon meringue was a clear winner for me, om nom nom!

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