Monday, 22 October 2018

She's Thir-TEEN!

So came the day, where we no longer have children in the house - instead we are now the parents of not just one, but two teenagers; the littlest one turned THIRTEEN! How did that happen?!

It was a very happy brand new teen waking up to the birthday singing, and presents in bed:

Presents included a Danish 'Hoptimist', a classic Swedish Ballograf deskset, dangling earrings, a Pandora charm, some books, bath bombs, a cook book, a mouse pad, cash, clothes and a Instax printer - the top thing off her wish list.

Pancakes for breakfast:

She brought donuts to school for all her friends:

And in the evening we went out for a family meal. Linnea got to decide where to go and she wanted sushi, so we perfect occasion to try the Aquarium restaurant in Yas Marina.

It was actually rather nice temperature, so we decided it was time to start the outdoor season - lovely!

Just as we were wondering why it took them so long to prepare our bill, the staff surprised Linnea with a cake and a birthday song! Well, we ALL got surprised actually, but how nice!

We all went to bed as soon as we got home, as after an early start in the morning and a long day of celebrations we were so tired. Linnea said, it had felt like such a grown-up birthday... and was really happy and content. Happy 13th Sweety!

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  1. happy birthday Linnea! I started to read your blog since when you were in Brunei, the kids sure have grown up now!