Monday, 14 May 2018


This weekend I did my, probably, last work days for the season. It was another huge incentive group, and our team of tour guides were hired to help out with the airport transfers, excursions and dinner transfers.
Here's a few of us doing airport arrivals the other day:

We also accompanied the guests on an evening excursion to a purpose built desert camp by the Al Maha Resort in Dubai. You can imagine it's quite a machinery shuttling 800 people around! Some guests had dressed up to get the full experience..:

Arriving in the desert they were met by a red carpet lined with lanterns, so pretty. As per usual the camp had a souk, some camels, falcons, henna ladies, BBQ food and entertainment in the shape of belly dancers and fire dancers. The guests all came back to the buses having had a great time.

This is a different type of work to my normal city tours. There is a lot more of managing with these big groups of people, and in general try to be on hand to be helpful. Also more socializing and answering questions, and less "guiding". I enjoy it every now and then for a change, at least when each work day passes without too many issues...

Sunday morning I took a group of guests to the Falcon Hospital, one of my favourite excursion spots. It was a great visit for the guests, they really got to be hands on with the falcons, and were all very pleased with their trip.

Even I got a photo with one of the falcons this time! New profile picture for my Instagram account!

Mostly I enjoy getting to see and spend some time with the other tour guides during these big events. It's a nice feeling to be part of a team, and it's a really fun bunch of girls. We've had such a good time this weekend!

Last night we did dinner transfers as the guests were all going to the Emirates Palace for their last evening, and a Gala Dinner in the Ramadan tent there. It felt like being at the Oscars when the guests  came out to the buses, so many slick looking suits and pretty dresses! A great night!
Although us guides didn't take part in the gala dinner itself, of course, we still got to enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the Emirates Palace for the evening.

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