Sunday, 27 May 2018

Swedish Midsummer - in May?!

Well, Swedish Midsummer normally always falls on the Friday closest to the summer solstice (19-25th June), but this year Swedish Midsummer happened already last Friday here in the sandpit! Reason being that our hosts are leaving for their summer holiday already this week, and didn't want to break tradition, so they had to host their annual party slightly early.

I don't think nobody did mind though, as the weather is still enjoyable in the evenings, so we could celebrate outside - on a yacht!

Me, Annica and Sandra:

Food, food, glorious yummy food!

It was a great boat trip! I had worried a bit about getting seasick, but as we only sailed back and forth along the Corniche there was no waves at all, smooth and nice.

And just like last year I somehow ended up in charge of bringing home the Midsummer pole... It was easier in my own car this time though, no need to stick it out the windows!

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