Sunday, 20 May 2018

A big surprise

While the kids and I have seen in Ramadan this week, been to school, been running and just getting on with normal stuff; Nathan executed a big surprise that had been planned for a while. He is on leave this week, so he went on a flying visit down to NZ for Grandma's birthday.

Bruce & Yvonne sure were amazed when he all of a sudden turned up on their doorstep in Kinloch the other night, having arrived in Auckland and passed by his sister first, and then got a lift with a good family friend, Michael.

It's cold in NZ at the moment, but they've had a good time together. Gone shopping in Taupo town for some NZ necessities, enjoyed good food and each other's company. Today was the actual birthday, and I'm sure it must have felt extra special for Yvonne having Nathan there.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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