Monday, 7 May 2018

Hey good lookin'!

I have been wanting to check out the new track at Masdar for a while, and mentioned to Nathan that I might take the bike over there one day. Lucas heard and wanted to tag along, so tonight we suited up and went for a little exploration ride.

He on his racer, and me on the mountain bike. And, might I add - me in a brand new kit (which has been hanging in my wardrobe for ages...)! All in blue and yellow Swedish colours, completely on purpose of course! Look how spiffy I looked!

I guess they are going to make the Masdar Track into a loop eventually. As it is now, it measures 4,2 km from start to end. We entered somewhere halfway coming from home, and went to the end one way before turning back and going to the start the other way.

The start is at the Masdar Park, not far from the airport. It's a really well maintained track, one side for bike riders and one for runners. We only saw a few other bikers, most people were running or walking, but quite a few were out, which made me happy.

You can follow your progress thanks to the markers on the track:

Along the track I saw four of these outdoor "gyms", with a few machines at each one. Great idea if you are running to do a few pit stops along the way for some strength training.

And the after-picture, 40 minutes later. A great way to spend some time with Lucas, although he thought I was way too slow for him...

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