Sunday, 6 May 2018

The day after the evening before

So we stayed over in Dubai on Thursday, after the Penélope-experience. Although staying with Kristen & Chad doesn't really mean sleep-in, as there are both two dogs and a little person in the house. We were all up before 7 am...

At a more humane time we went for breakfast at a paleo café close to their house:

Then we went back to the sofa and chilled for the rest of the afternoon... Even though the night before hadn't been wild at all, we were both so tired. But if you ask me, this was the perfect way of spending a few hours - with the pooches!

And of course, when in Dubai - I always have an errand to the Gold & Diamond Park. This time not so much for shopping, as for dropping in a few things that needed fixing, and some that needed polishing. 

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