Saturday, 5 May 2018

All glammed up

Every night of the week here in the UAE, there is a Ladies Night going on somewhere; which means that girls get special offers on drinks, actually - in most places they drink for free! As you might understand, these Ladies Nights are really popular, especially in the expat community. But I must admit I haven't been to many, it's quite rare that I glam up and go out on a school night.

This Wednesday I made an effort though as some of my Tour Guide colleagues were going to meet up, and it's so rare that we manage to get together.

I was happy to find an occasion to wear my new Swedish clogs, from Hollie Woods!

It also made it easy that we had agreed to meet at a place only 10 minutes away from our house, the Tikki Lounge. It was a bit humid, but we still sat outside.

There was an event photographer there, and she had this amazing light ring with her. Ooohh, I need one of those - look how great the we turned out after that magic touch!

A great night out! Every time I actually do make it to Ladies Night I think, I should do this more often..! But then the sofa calls... ha ha.

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