Monday, 28 May 2018

My Mother's Day

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy celebrating all the different special days in the calendar, everything from Valentines Day and Halloween to Easter and birthdays. I've created our own traditions for the first day of Summer Holidays and our house looks like Santa's grotto during Christmas time.
When it comes to Mother's Day it's a little bit complicated as there are so many different Mother's Days celebrated on different dates, but at least the Swedish one is the last one so the kids get a few reminders along the way. This year I might have dropped a few reminding hints as well..!

I had a lovely day, already from the morning when Linnea had prepared a surprise wake-up: "Follow the string"..! How exciting!

The string led me all the way down to my desk, where a flag, a home made card and a gift was waiting for me!

The rest of the day was celebrated with Linnea cooking dinner and with some yummy cakes for dessert - I had to do the dishes myself though; maybe next year I can wish for a Mother's Day without having to do any chores, ha ha!

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