Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Coffee in town

We were lucky enough to be in Skara at the same time as my friend Katarina and her family this summer. They live in Skellefteå, and were on a road trip for their vacation. Some years it works out to meet up, some years not, as they usually only spend about a week in Skara with her parents. Sometimes that's before we even get to Scandinavia, sometimes it's while we are away doing something else. But this year it worked and we met up in Skara for a coffee.

I curled my hair for the occasion! Pretty, pretty!

Wow, you can certainly see time pass when you look at the kids! They are all getting so big!!

While we still look the same, obviously!

It was our first bike trip for the summer - oh, how I love riding our bikes!! The smell, the road, the fields, the green..! That's Swedish summer at it's best!

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