Friday, 5 November 2021

Close contact

We have packed up another week, with some school for the kids, some work for Nathan, some exam-writing for me, some padel for both of us and some Pfizer for all of us.

Wednesday night we got the dreaded email from school that there had been a positive case detected in one of the kids' classes. The contact tracing is done very thoroughly here, so anyone who had been sitting close to this particular student in any of his classes, got the email. Quite a big group of students, since they have different class mates in every subject. At least it is easy for the school to trace, this is the reason the kids have allocated places where they sit in each class, and they are not allowed to swap seats.

Yesterday morning we then had to visit the allocated SEHA center for contact cases, which is way down in Mina Port in the city. Lucas had to take a PCR test (which was negative) and register there to sign a form he now will complete home quarantine. As he is vaccinated, it will only be for seven days, but they actually count from when he was in contact with the positive case, which was Monday.
On day six, so tomorrow, he will have to have another PCR test, and as long as that comes back negative as well, he can go back yet again on Sunday, to pick up a quarantine certificate which he will need to go back to school on Monday. So in the end, he will only have missed two days of school, luckily.

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