Friday, 2 April 2021

28 March - 2 April

Sunday and apart from it being Spring Break which means the teenagers don't surface until closer to lunch time, it was a normal day for the rest of the family. Nathan off to work early in the morning and me off to padel. Hot hot hot, I'm starting to get a serious tan by now, after all these hours in the sun every week playing.
I decorated for Easter today, about time, but the days got away from me a bit with the exam writing last week. At least now the house is bright and cheerful with chickens, pastel colours, eggs and Easter bunnies galore! Macaroni and cheese for dinner, with some left-over steak.
I managed to convince everyone to play our new game 'My City' today, which is a legacy game that changes each time you play it. Not sure we'll make it through all 25 chapters though...

Monday and padel. Again with the Argentinian girls. They are very good, challenging us in new ways! I start my final syllabus for my Uni exam this week, so I spent most of the day mulling over what subject to choose for my thesis. Unfortunately I'm no closer to a decision, but hopefully soon.
Swedish meatballs with - a bit unconventionally but we had to empty the fridge - sweet potato fries and corn for dinner.

Tuesday and I started the day with a long session on the treadmill. Had TV to catch up on! Then I went to the LAD to try and find some inspiration for  the thesis. Instead I got a bit stuck in Ch 11 as they have recently rotated that, and there was so much new art! Time to study some new artists I didn't know before.
Salmon and potato salads for dinner before Nathan went to see his friend Stefan, and I had a well-needed Zoom-call with my friends Linda and Anna.

Wednesday morning usually sees a big group Swedes play padel. This week again, there was just four of us, but at least we got a game out of it!
Linnea went to the movies with some friends, and the rest of us had Mee Goreng Mamak off the Cookidoo platform for dinner (not a hit, will not be doing that one again).
I had the first seminar for my thesis for 2,5 hours tonight, and my subject is now decided: The Germination artwork by Giuseppe Penone at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Thursday and last padel session for this week. Hot and humid today. But fun! After Nathan got home from work we went to the beach for a swim with the Nordins. Nice temperature in the water now.

Friday and Nathan off to work, and the rest of us doing our usual things, each by themselves. Saffron, prawn and chorizo paella for dinner while some watched the new 'Kong vs Godzilla' movie, and some didn't.

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