Saturday, 10 April 2021

There are no bad boat days

Yesterday we were invited out on their boat by our German friends, Holger and Karin. It's always so lush, as we don't have a pool nor a beach in our compound or near us.

We only went about 10-15 minutes outside the city and anchored up a little bit off the beach of one of the islands. 


We stayed on the boat to start with as we could still swim from there, the waters were shallow around us. Holger and Karin also had a new toy, a SUP which we all tried our luck on, in different ways:




The tide was high to start with, but during the afternoon the sandbanks started to appear and quite soon we had a prime spot by our own piece of the beach.


Tried to create some social media content and promotional shots for our Sidehustle Brews, not sure about the dude vibes of the model though... ha ha!

It was quite busy as it was a Friday afternoon, and the weather now is absolutely PERFECT - not too hot in the air, not too cold (or warm) in the water. Lots of boats, lots of people, lots of annoyingly noisy jetskis... but still - such a paradise. 


As Holger said: "There are no bad boat days, there are good boat days and fantastic boat days." I think this one rated as one of the more fantastic ones, at least for us!
Such a gorgeous and relaxed way of spending an afternoon! And look at the views going home again in the afternoon sun, aaahhh - Abu Dhabi, you are amazing.

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