Thursday, 1 April 2021

1st April 2021 Covid status

April is here, and what have changed in Abu Dhabi since the last big update? Quite a lot as it turns out, it seems we have turned some kind of corner this month, positively so.

Some things don't really affect me personally, that hotels for example are now allowed to host events (under strict restrictions) and that the movie theaters have opened again, at limited capacity obviously. I do celebrate every positive thing though, whether they matter to me or not in my daily life. They are all small steps in the right direction!
News that I really enjoyed was the ones from just last week when we were told we are now allowed to resume tour guide activities (with restrictions of course, too many to list here...) - now we just need some tourists..!

There has been changes in the mask wearing rules. We no longer need to wear them in the car if we travel only with people from the same household (yes, we have spent a year wearing masks in the car, even when it was only our family...) or when we exercise (before during sport we could only "lower the mask to catch our breath").

It has also been clarified that if you are fully vaccinated and have the coveted 'E' in your Al Hosn App (which means that you have had a negative PCR test within the last seven days), you don't need to show anything to cross the border from Dubai, nor take the day 4 and day 8 tests after entering back into Abu Dhabi. The price per PCR test have also been reduced, again, to now 65 AED.

Already in the middle of March, the UAE reached their goal of vaccinating half the population, 2 weeks ahead of time. Great stuff!
Actually all the numbers are looking really good, daily recoveries have been exceeding new infections for over two weeks and there has been a noticeable fall in the number of deaths the past two months. Here are the numbers from today:
* 2315 new cases, from 237,240 tests
* 2435 new recoveries. Total death toll 1499.
* 463,759 total cases in the UAE. Globally it is 130M+ cases with 2,8M+ deaths.

And from the UAE Vaccination Drive:
* 82,833 doses administered today, in total 8,4M doses.

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