Sunday, 11 April 2021

5 - 10 April 2021

Monday and even though it's still Spring Break, I like it much better when it's normal days. Nathan was back to work today, and I took Lucas to play padel this morning. We played with Petra and Valle, good fun (us Mums rocked!) In the afternoon Linnea and I went for a quick walk at Yas Mall and brought home roti for dinner.

Tuesday and today I had the first seminar in the new UNI-course I'm doing parallel to the thesis. It's called 'Non-European art, architecture and design'. Because why just study one thing... time is all I have at the moment, better use it wisely!
Kids went to see their friends in the afternoon so Nathan and I were home alone when he got back from work. We had dinner Belgian style, mussels and fries.

Wednesday, padel and studies. So bored, so bored, so bored. Get up, get through the day, have dinner, go to bed.
Lucas went to the mall with his friend Yazan so the rest of us had pasta (or cauliflower rice for some)  bolognese for dinner. Easy and yummy.

Thursday and we got up rather early for the kids to go get another PCR to get ready to get back to school on Sunday. Then I drove all the way up to Saadiyat to drop Linnea off for a friends small birthday celebration at the beach. I took the opportunity to take a quick walk around the LAD as I was there, which was nice. But mostly today I have spent it in the car, driving here there and everywhere. It doesn't make it any more fun considering the whole of our neighbourhood is one big workplace at the moment, they are literally working on EVERY road around us and some days it has been near to impossible to get home or where you want to be, with all the roads being shut off at the same time. Extremely annoying.
Vegetable skewers and pork sausages for dinner.

Friday and finally a bit of a break from the routine. We were invited out on the boat with our German friends, and spent all afternoon bobbing along just off one of the small islands just outside the city. The tide was high when we arrived, and when it changed the beach appeared just in front of the boat. Lush afternoon.

Saturday and I stayed in bed really late. Lovely! Then I caught up with some Swedish TV while on the treadmill, before a very late lunch. Lucas had volleyball this afternoon and I had Game Night. Tomorrow it's all back to school, let's see for how long..!

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