Saturday, 17 April 2021

11-17 April 2021 Ramadan Kareem

Sunday and no padel today! My partner strained her calf muscle the other day and wanted to rest it a bit more before coming back, and unfortunately I couldn't find any other players with short notice. No worries, I have a game tomorrow instead!
Luckily Nathan had set his alarm too this morning, because for some reason I had set mine to e-learning timing, hence an hour too late... But we got up and away to school on time!
Then I did 10k on the treadmill, lots of TV to catch up on after the weekend!
Studying in the afternoon, pork tenderloin, potato and homemade bearnaise sauce for dinner.

Monday and great padel game this morning! This time I was the odd one out, with my new Argentinian friends! They are rather good so they give me a good challenge, but not so good they put me in a bad mood, ha ha! I still got some good points in!
This afternoon we caught up with some Aussie friends we knew from Brunei days, who now have moved to Abu Dhabi - Peta & Browny. Since we last saw them, they have expanded the family with two little ones, so it was really nice to see them all! Also so refreshing to talk with someone with an excited and optimistic view of this place..!
Breaded fish, potatoes and asparagus for dinner with the new 'Thunder Force' movie.

Tuesday and the first day of Ramadan, and with that different timings for school which now doesn't start until 09.30. So nice sleep-ins every day! I had a UNI seminar, and then we had chicken fajitas for dinner.

Wednesday and padel time. Although with the Ramadan school timings we couldn't start until 10, and it was hooot! But no shower is as nice as the one after you have gotten really grotty! I had a tutoring session for the thesis today, and then I spent the rest of the day formatting and getting the whole text ready, now I "only" need to write! I had some technical issues which frustrated me to tears, but in the end I got technical support from one of my UFO-friends, what would I ever do without those girls!
Nathan cooked rice with vegetables and keftedes for dinner.

Thursday and realised that I didn't close ALL rings yesterday (missed the Stand ring because of all the sitting in front of the computer pulling my hair...) for the first time in OVER A YEAR! Well, even though it's a bit sad that streak is done, I actually feel more pride over the achievement of doing it every day for that long! And also, now the pressure is off, a bit..! The Exercise ring streak is still going strong.
I spent the morning exercising and the afternoon at the LAD at their Research Center, looking for some information for the thesis.




 Came home to Nathan cooking ribs for dinner.

Friday and another totally wasted day. Got up, exercised, studied, had dinner (sushi), bed. And now for some real talk - see the pattern? No, I really don't do weekends very well. I can hear you say "If you are not happy, why don't you change it up?!"
Well, I am SO sick of being by myself and I would like to spend these weekends, like any other day, with someone, doing something. But since my friends are busy spending their weekends with their families, no one wants to play. But I also have a family, you say?
Yes I do, but none of them wants to play either. It's been a looong while already I have given up being the motor of everything that goes on, it's too exhausting. I just let them be, they are happy hiding away each in their little corner. So, I end up - by myself, and bored out of my tree. Especially on weekends.
I know, I know, something's gotta change. I just don't know what.

Saturday and with Nathan back at work after his week of leave, so I had the whole afternoon to work in peace. The thesis is stressing me as it feels like I have no free time, there is always more to read and more to write. Also having my work desk in the living room is not quite optimal at this time, as I work best when it's quiet and I'm by myself.
Easy dinner today as it was just the kids and I - pancakes and soup.

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