Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Work work work

After having had visitors for two weeks, and then a week off for University exams, it was back at work this week for me finally! I had some different kind of jobs lined up, which always makes for interesting days!
First I had a tour in Swedish at the Louvre Abu Dhabi for some local SWEA ladies. A good warm up for the week to come and the SWEA World Meet.

I got sent a rather impressive amount of photos of myself after the tour, but it was completely  impossible finding even ONE picture where I'm not in the middle of explaining something, and waving around with my hands... I guess you could say it shows - my passion..?

Well, I might look a muppet while talking, but at least I was looking flash in my new heels, having made a special effort for these ladies!

Then I kicked of the start of the cruise season by welcoming (at least my) first cruise into the port Monday morning. I had a nice little city tour in the morning with a good mix of cruise guests from different parts of the world, and I got to catch up with a few of my colleagues after as well:

Finally I was hired to be a part of the mediation team during an evening event at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, together with these stunning girls. I mediated inside one of the temporary exhibitions, and it was really fun. I hope I get to do more of these type of events as they are quite different to the normal tours in the museum.

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