Sunday, 24 November 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Time flies, and we have already had this years Thanksgiving celebration! Traditionally celebrated with our ex-neighbours, now in Dubai. Biggest one yet with almost 40 people! Amazing!

This year we could come all four of us, and it was the first time I saw Kristen and Chad's new house which they moved in to over the summer. Really, really lovely - gave me house envy... why don't we have those kind of nice compounds in Abu Dhabi..? We all fit outside on their lawn:

Food, food, glorious food..!

We ate, and played some games, and ate some more...

There was tons of kids there this year. Aiden was certainly living his best life with all these buddies around him! Linnea as well, getting to play with not just Wyatt, but two other little babies as well.

Linnea and Aiden drawing Thanksgiving turkey-hands on the window:

And as per usual, the next day we got to take a special take-away box home with some turkey and trimmings, for later. Art work by Aiden.

Thank you McGeHees for another wonderful Thanksgiving!

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