Monday, 4 November 2019

Party weekend in Copenhagen

Last weekend Nathan and I went to Copenhagen - just the two of us!
This trip had actually been planned since long before the Hybholts booked their trip to come and see us, so as it turns out it was great for us to get babysitters in the house while we were gone.
Always weird traveling without the kids, but such a nice little getaway!

It was a bit nippy, but not freezing cold (unless the wind hit), just the right fresh temperatures for taking a walk along Søerne:

We met up with Thomas for a bit of a late lunch, which continued into the evening. Yummy!

Already on that Friday evening it was time for the first party of the weekend, our friend Katja was celebrating her 40th:

We stayed in this very Insta-friendly hotel called Manon Les Suites. The rooms were really spacious, and their eco-thinking was very good, but the beds unfortunately weren't very comfortable, and we had a bit of a boring view to the courtyard. We chose this hotel as most of the party people stayed there, but I thought it didn't quite live up to it's social media hype.

Manon Les Suites is mostly famous for the indoor pool area, which is super lush! But even though we had packed our swimmers, unfortunately there was just no time to go and enjoy it this time:

Great view from the hotel breakfast room though, of Søerne in sunshine:

 Mmm, Danish pastries for breakfast... tebirkes, my favourite!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early as we were heading over to Thomas' place to watch the semi-final in the Rugby World Cup - these pictures were taken before the game:

Although we were dressed to the nines, the All Blacks lost the game to the English... so we had to go drown our sorrows somewhere. We happened to choose a bar with a Kiwi barmaid - who was just as happy to see us, as us her! We even ended up on their Insta-account:

Then Saturday night it was time for the big event, Peter's 50th birthday party! He hosted it at the same bar as Søren did a few years back, although that time Nathan missed out so I was on my own.

It was a three-course dinner, live music and free bar all night, great party!
So good to see our friends!

The birthday boy:

Some serious man-love going on:

 And later in the evening the 'pølse-vogn' turned up! Yay, best way to end a night!

And just like that, the weekend was over and we were on another flight back home to the sandpit; but with some fun memories of a great weekend in our luggage!

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