Friday, 20 October 2017

Three is a charm

Apart from the group of electricians I took around Abu Dhabi and Masdar City on Monday, I have done two more tours this week. It really been unusually busy I know, but I have loved every minute of it! Especially since all three tours were very different to one another.
As I've earlier mentioned, the electricians had quite special interests (paying special attention to electrical installations, ACs, the solar panel farm etc). On Wednesday I guided a British CEO and his wife, who were here to rekkie for a big company trip. They are planning to take about 100 of their employees to Abu Dhabi and wanted a look around, to see what they would include in their program for the trip.

Finally yesterday I had another Swedish group, this time of 16 people in the painting business. They too were here because of the WorldSkills.
They had a really nice program planned out for them by Clever Travel Consulting, who hired me for the guide part. We started in the Grand Mosque and then we split the group so that half went on the Yellow Boats along the Corniche, and half went up to the Observation Deck at 300 in the Etihad Towers. After a little lunch break we swapped groups.

I had my lunch in the Lebanese place on the Corniche Beach, sunny and lovely with a bit of a breeze coming from the sea. There truly are worse places to be than right here, right now..! Love the winter weather that is coming, even though yesterday was still a bit humid and warm.

Such a fantastically planned day for this group, they got to see Abu Dhabi both from the bus, by foot, from the sea and from above! I had a really good time too, I love sharing my knowledge and my passion about this place.

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