Sunday, 22 October 2017

And so she is 12

The one person in our family who enjoys birthday celebrations the most, is surprisingly not me - but Linnea. She loves celebrating birthdays, all birthdays, but especially her own of course! She starts planning it so early that we have a rule in the house that we don't talk about it until after Daddy's birthday (end September), otherwise we would be discussing it ever since Lucas and mine in January..!

It makes it fun though to plan special things and prepare a lovely day for her, because she really enjoys and appreciates it, and every birthday of so far has been - "The best birthday ever!" ♡

Gifts in bed this morning:

Greetings from near and far:

She got lots of lovely gifts, a new Wreck-the-Diary, a selfie phone cover, books, backpacks, LOL-surprise dolls, an iPad cover, soaps and smells, Zoom-Zooms, cook books, gift cards, a mirror for her locker, unicorn stationary, fairy lights, nail polish and more...

A bit of birthday morning tea with the Irish:

Her birthday party was held at Adventure HQ together with a bunch of her class mates:

They were going to do rock climbing, rope climbing and caving. First a safety briefing:

Up the top they went, over and over again:

Then it was time to add some helmets and do the ropes:

Lastly, they went into the cave:

After the activities at the mall, we went back to ours for some pizza and donuts. We seem to have a tradition when it comes to birthdays, instead of cake we do the donuts. Much easier, that's for sure, and who doesn't like donuts?!

Happy Birthday to our Linnea!! Another great day to the books, and only one more year until you are a teenager!

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