Friday, 13 October 2017

Memories of a journey

In preparation for some upcoming guide tours, I went to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque yesterday afternoon to have a look at their new exhibition - Memories of a journey.
This exhibition celebrates the spiritual journey of Hajj to Mecca through the display of more than 180 artifacts on loan from a range of institutions as well as donations of personal memorabilia.

The exhibition has six different sections. The first one talks about the coming of Islam here in the Arabian Peninsula, and the second explores the Islamic rituals and the Holy Quran.

There is a big section on the evolution of the Hajj routes:

One section is all about Mecca, and another about Medina:

Finally a small part of the exhibition showcases some souvenirs and keepsakes that have been collected during personal Hajj journeys:

For those in Abu Dhabi interested in this exhibition, it runs until 19 March 2018, free for all to visit. It is build up in a big blue tent on the North Carpark of the mosque, and they also host a variety of free workshops on many different subjects related to Islamic art and design.

I also had to take some more photos of the mosque itself, as I was there just before sunset. This place is just so so beautiful, you can't help yourself. I mean, look at these shots..!

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