Sunday, 15 October 2017

EPC in place

Yes there is a lot of work, work, work, work, work, work being blogged at the moment. The WorldSkills 2017 competition is one of the biggest events that Abu Dhabi has ever hosted, and the whole town is busy.
Last night they had the big Opening Ceremony at the DU Arena, where they had purpose built huge grandstands to receive over 10,000 spectators.
I worked at one of the hotels as an EPC - Embarking Point Coordinator.

This involved sending and receiving delegates to the DU Arena, and being of assistance in the reception. Although while the ceremony was going on, we could take a little break and go and have something to eat. So I went for a quick dinner at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club.
Did you know that the clubhouse there is built to look like a falcon? Look, it's holding on to the golf ball!

I spent the time waiting for the delegates to return watching the ceremony on the WorldSkills live feed on Facebook. It was just like the Olympics with all the different countries walking in waving their flags, so awesome! The NZ team even stopped to perform a haka!

I will try and go and visit the event this week in between tours. Looking forward to it!

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