Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Sparkies on tour

Yesterday I was booked (thanks to my Tour Guide Facebook page, yay me!) to do a guide tour with a group of Swedish electricians. They had come to Abu Dhabi to support one of their coworkers who is competing in the WorldSkills world championships this week.
They had a few special requests regarding what they wanted to see, all related to their line of work. For example I took them to Masdar City as they wanted to have a closer look of the 10MW solar plant there. Masdar City is not on the usual half day tour, so I had to prepare that little bit extra for this tour - which was quite fun!

We went for a walkabout all over Masdar City, as they were rather interested in their building techniques and planning methods. Here they are looking at the wind tower:

I also took them to see the rest of the best of Abu Dhabi, of course, but even in the mosque they had other areas of interest than "normal". They took photos of the electric installations and admired how the air conditioning units are hidden etc. Their firm back in Sweden specializes in working with electricity in churches, so this was right down their alley.
Thank you Elektriker'n Västerås!

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