Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Friday Brunch Brunei style

We were all very giddy come Friday, for the famous Friday Brunch at the Fairmont. The Friday Brunches of the UAE are rather legendary, and Anna who had done one a while back in Dubai, was really excited!
Heels, dresses and lippy on, ready to go!

We had asked a few of friends here to come along too, so all together there was 20 of us enjoying what the Fairmont had to offer this specific day. We split up, so that the kids had their own table, and us adults had our own:

Better that way, because the kiddos were all done very quickly, and spent most of the afternoon like this. Well, the girls did, we didn't even see the boys so they must have been hiding in another soft sofa corner somewhere...

All the ladies, and Leni:

Martin must have missed the memo about wearing blue?

I was so busy having a good time I hardly took any other photos at all bar these few snaps. I didn't even remember to photograph the food, until I got to my dessert plate... Om nom nom..!

We weren't ready to go home when brunch was over at 4pm, so we continued to our friends house, and Anna got to enjoy a few shots with Annica.

Anna and I were very content and called it a night come 8pm (the advantage of starting early!), but certain other members of our group didn't come home until very, very late that night... Ha ha, I guess they were trying to party Brunei style; but I can tell you - Abu Dhabi got the better of them the following day...

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